Tripp Nanney, MD

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Evolving surgical technology and techniques to improve the quality of life for patients

“Neurosurgery is a broad, challenging, and exciting field that exists to treat all surgical pathologies of the human brain and spine. It is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated and refined as our understanding and technology improve. To excel, diligence, persistence, hard work, attention to detail, decisiveness, sound clinical decision making and technical skills are required. It is through my passion to help others that makes it a way of life for me and has become my chosen profession. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve any who suffer from diseases of the brain and spine. I strive to uphold the principles of my specialty during my quest to improve the quality of life of my patients.”

Dr. Nanney received his medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He completed his residency at Northwestern University where he also completed two enfolded fellowship programs, one in minimally invasive spine and complex spinal deformity and the other in skull base and open cerebrovascular surgery.

Dr. Nanney has published on a variety of neurosurgical topics including skull base neurosurgery, open cerebrovascular surgery, endovascular neurosurgery, micro-surgical simulation techniques and value based care in neurosurgery. His areas of clinical interest are broad and include minimally invasive spine, complex spine and spinal deformity, and general cranial neurosurgical pathologies.